No Place to Live, No Place to Die: This Palestinian is witnessing the closure of Muslim grave sites near by the wall of Jerusalem at the same time homes of Palestinians are being demolished by the Jewish authorities.

Palestinian homes are being destroyed in Sliwan to build a new "City of David" just outside the walls of Jerusalem.

Stone Walk -Damascus Gate

Stone Reflection -Damascus Gate

Parallel Dreams: New Settlements in the West Bank are the dreams of some, their removal that of others.

Prayers and Stone, Wailing Wall, Jerusalem

West Bank

Check Point Stones and Israeli Guard, West Bank.


Witness Wall, Armenian Quarter, Jerusalem

Time does not heal all wounds: Waiting for the right of return.

Settlement Tide

ID Harassment - A Daily Experience, East Jerusalem

Jewish children arrive to celebrate All Jerusalem Day, 2013

West Bank

Wall and Self Portrait

Todd Drake witnessed this Jewish youth stealing the prayer beads of a Muslim man at this traffic stop in the West Bank. Had the passenger not given over the beads, the youth or his friends standing by would have attacked his car. This is a daily occurrence at this intersection.

Caged Point of View - Check points have reshaped the landscape, both internally and externally.

Farmer and his field in May, 2013, West Bank

Avant Garde Israeli Settlement Trailers

15 Minutes Apart: Photographed by Drake on his return one day from the West Bank into West Jerusalem.

Settlement Construction

Found on walls surrounding Jerusalem.

Of Glass and Stone