Angham I remember six years ago, when I went to the sea. It was hard to get there, I had to get permission from Israel. I still remember the view of the sea, the smell of it and the happiness of that place. All I can think of is getting back to that fantasy place, yet all that I can see now is Israeli Checkpoints, guns, death and sadness. I'm tired of this prison, my life's prison. I still look up and know that one day the sun of freedom will rise again...

Dima Tadros

Rand In war, i choose to look through you Because then I see, we both have the same humanity inside We are young, neither any of us deserves to die You have plans so do I, lets not waste it here tonight War is hopeless but we got hope Look through me with no masks on I believe until then, peace can set us all free

Ameera Awni Mohtadi


Ghayda She's my dad's aunt and we adore her. She's always telling us stories, her favourite is about the baby carriage she too had as a child. Although she's much older and lived in different times, yet we have so much in common... We're alike! I guess all humans are just "alike"!

Muath Khatib So I have a big problem that I cannot solve. As a resident of East Jerusalem I have to carry a special blue ID all the time. The Israeli police can stop me at any time, and they do, but the photo does not look like me any more. I have been stopped and turned away from so many check points because the guards say the ID is not mine. "Get a new one!" They say when I explain. But when I go to get a new ID the people say "It's not expired! Go away!" This is my big problem.


Sujood shares her perspective as a 19 year old and the universal angst of growing up.